As part of HELIOS’s sustainability efforts that were this year transformed into We turn it green initiative, we put special emphasizes on projects improving our energy efficiency. Starting in 2020, it is our goal to increase our energy efficiency by 3% every following year. With the clear objective in mind, we will devote our efforts to projects improving our infrastructure and technology. At the same time, we will promote energy saving behavior among our employees.

We continuously invest into our infrastructure across all production sites to reduce electricity consumption. We are replacing existing halogen lighting with more efficient LED lightening that enables us better luminous efficacy. We are currently in the process of establishing two new methods that improve power quality, reduce the amount of energy purchased and allow for significant savings in electricity consumption – e-power system and peak shaving. Among 70 projects to increase our energy efficiency, there are also investments into new bead mills and dissolvers, EMS systems and burners for boilers.

Next to that, we actively work on the optimization of technology processes such as cleaning and grinding processes. In line with our main strategic directions, continuous improvements of our processes are as well part of our KAIZEN initiative which involves employees at all levels. Additionally, we regularly provide our employees with useful tips how they can contribute to saving the energy at the workplace with simple practical actions.

Since renewable energy will play a fundamental role in the future, we will strive to increase share of renewable energy within all HELIOS sites. As of this year, our largest production site, Helios TBLUS in Slovenia, fully operates using electricity obtained from hydroelectric power plants or solar power plants in Slovenia. Similarly, also our production sites Chromos in Croatia and Rembrandtin Lack in Austria. On top of that, we are preparing the project documentation to build our own solar power plants at HELIOS sites in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia that will further increase our share of renewables in the following years.

Let’s turn it green together

Stay tuned for further information about HELIOS environment and climate actions. Each month we will keep you up to date with recent developments and green actions on different areas to improve our environmental performance and build a carbon neutral future.

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