Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. acquired all shares of European coating manufacturer Helios Group, with the closing of transaction on 31 March. Under the strategic owner Kansai, Helios will represent a strong European center of innovation, know-how and business development, and will further grow its importance in European coating industry.

With the acquisition of Helios Group, Kansai Paint accelerates its growth strategy to become one of top three paint producers in the world. Before the acquisition of Helios, Kansai already had a strong presence in Asia, Africa and Middle East, but very limited in Europe. Helios Group is a coating manufacturer with strength in different types of coatings and mainly operates in Central, Eastern and Western Europe and CIS countries. Therefore, a successful acquisition provides Kansai Paint with a foothold for full-scale expansion into Europe. Both companies aim to expedite business growth by boosting sales further and creating synergies through the utilization of both groups’ technologies, know-how, products and sales networks.


David Kubala, one of the two CEO’s of Helios Group stated:

“Helios already has the sales network in European markets, with its numerous trusted brand names. We hold a strong position in industrial, car refinish and decorative coating segments. Our portfolio is similar and in some cases complementary to Kansai Paint’s. Kansai has a strong commitment to R&D and innovations and Helios obtains efficient production, strong R&D department with well-skilled people and advanced equipment. For all these reasons amongst others, Helios is the right company for Kansai to expand and develop business in Europe.“

From now on, Kansai will continue to strengthen its position as one of the biggest and premier coating companies, also with Helios brands under its umbrella.

Representatives of Helios Group and Kansai Paint.