Good appearance is not everything, but when it comes to public transport vehicles, passenger trains or high-speed trains, the design plays an important role. Modern trains are often a symbol for the country and that´s why their appearance is even more important for train operators. The coating is thus the most visible characteristic, noticed at the first glance.

Modern designs require top quality coatings in different colors and effects together with high covering power. Standard railway vehicles are at least 27 meters long and the coating process is extremely time consuming. The more colors are used, the more layers are required and the more waiting time for masking and drying effects the manufacturers´ effectivity.
Thus, a very fast drying solution is in great demand. Therefore, Helios offers the optimal solution: Aqua Basecoat 101 wvb 2K.

This waterborne base coat persuades with a significantly short drying time (45 minutes per layer). The time between masking of each layer and the heating time of the varnishing booth can be reduced, which brings the crucial advantages for manufacturers: saving time, energy and money.


Advantages of AQUA BASECOAT 101 wvb 2K at a glance:

  • Extremely fast drying
  • Approved by Deutsche Bahn
  • Very good basis for clear coat
  • Waterborne – low VOC content
  • Very high covering power

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