Within the HELIOS, Helios Training Center for architectural coatings has been operating successfully for many years. The center is primarily intended for education and presentation of various materials as well as organization of events and gatherings. At the Training Center, users such as painters, builders, architects, and developers can test properties of Helios architectural coatings and other systemic solutions under the mentorship of our experts. Thus, the center represents an educational meeting point between our employees and the external public.

The Training Center for architectural coatings is located within the HELIOS’s largest production location in Domžale, Slovenia. The interior of the center was completely renovated and upgraded more than a year ago, now offering highly functional and modern space for various educational activities. The next step is to harmonize the exterior of the building with the renovated interior, where we decided on a very special approach.

Helios, in cooperation with the Outsider magazine, organizes a competition for architects, landscape architects and designers, whose task will be the architectural and functional modernization of the façade of the Training Center as well as the activation of the outdoor space in front of the building. In their solutions the participants must implement Helios materials from a wide range of quality façade systems and façade paints. By updating the architectural expression of the building, we aim to manifest the content and meaning of the entire complex.

The competition has started with the announcement on November 26, and the deadline for submitting projects is February 26, 2021. The competition ends on March 21, 2021 with the announcement and publication of the winning project.