Commitment to our environment is embedded into basic principles of HELIOS. Our ambition is to act responsibly towards nature and to take climate actions throughout our entire value chain. That is why we are addressing climate change with the business model that will reduce our impact on the environment.

As of 2020, we are striving to improve our environmental performance and build a carbon neutral future at HELIOS. Under the initiative We turn it green, we will focus on tangible green actions on four priority areas:


With our products and solutions, we generate value for our customers and make positive difference to the environment. We develop new coatings and solutions with the aim to reduce consumption of all types of resources and our products’ carbon footprint. At the same time, we help our customers to improve their processes in terms of coating durability or overall process optimization.


We accelerate our actions to operate more efficiently, manage resources and materials responsibly, as well to reduce emissions, waste and all other impacts.


We reduce impact of raw materials with renewable and recyclable solutions and energy. Our cooperation with suppliers is based on sustainability criteria and environmental requirements.


We strive to integrate environmentally friendly actions and choices into our daily work within all areas of our operations. Our goal is to encourage all stakeholders to take actions towards mitigating impacts of climate change too.

David Kubala, CEO of HELIOS:

“At HELIOS, we are committed to address global climate challenge with green actions that crate value not only for our business but also for our employees, communities and for the environment.”

Let’s turn it green together

Stay tunned for further information about HELIOS environment and climate actions. Each month we will keep you up to date with recent developments and green actions on different areas to improve our environmental performance and build a carbon neutral future.