The appeal of Woody and Belinka products among people is undeniable. Under the Likeability and Purchase intention categories, Belinka’s Woody billboard campaign for Beltop and Belton products came in second place in the Slovenian billboard recall research.

Nature, Woody and Belinka are the perfect match!

The research performed by the leading provider of outdoor advertising in Slovenia Europlakat was done on 165 biggest national billboard campaigns. The results were collected according to different indicators: recall, likeability, understandability, looking for information and purchase intention. This is a great achievement for the Belinka brand among strong competitors such as OBI, Atlantic Grupa, Ljubljanske mlekarne, Mercator, Spar, Hofer and many others.

Woody, Belinka’s famous wooden figure, which was brought back to life after 16 years is a living proof that wood protected with Belinka products remains naturally beautiful and young forever. Belinka is today a reputable brand in more than 15 European markets. Through continuous development it has become synonymous with wood protection. Not only does it stand for coatings, but also represents a positive and loving attitude towards wood.

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