Belinka Belles’s cooperation with Slovenian Beekeepers Association was, after a few years of rest, re-established in 2018. In the year when Belinka celebrated its 70th anniversary, a long-term cooperation agreement with Slovenian Beekeepers Association was signed. The agreement sets an example of good practice in preserving Slovenian cultural heritage.

Belinka Belles success has always been closely tied with wood and in harmony with nature. The brand, however, expresses its responsibility to environment and nature not only through quality products, but also through activities and projects that promote the values of a positive attitude towards wood and connection of people with nature. Establishing long-term cooperation with the Slovenian Beekeepers Association is certainly a project that expresses this precisely.

In the first successful year of cooperation, Belinka Belles as a proud partner, participated in the first World Bee Day in Žirovnica and attended the exhibition at the National council of Slovenia on the 20th anniversary of the magazine Slovene Beekeeper. This year, cooperation will continue at a higher level. In addition to participating in the World Bee Day, which will take place in Koroška region this year, Belinka, in the middle of March, already participated in the fair Api Slovenija in Celje, and in autumn, it will present itself at the Agro international agro-food fair in Gornja Radgona. In addition to participating at various events, Belinka will also provide professional training for beekeepers and help with restoration of beehives from the Register of Old Beehives of Slovenia.

For Belinka Belles the cooperation with Slovenian Beekeepers Association is very valuable because it expresses main values of the brand.

For more details about products used for restoration of beehives, please visit Belinka Belles‘s website.