As an important producer of hydrogen peroxide, Belinka Perkemija intensively cooperates with all major research institutions over the last two years. Hydrogen peroxide is an increasingly popular product, as we can find this powerful and efficient oxidant in pharmacy, medicine, cosmetics, and the detergent industry. The possibilities for its use are also shown elsewhere, such as in agriculture, veterinary medicine, preparation of drinking water for people and animals, and more. The development in this area is also expanding in the direction of new forms of accumulating hydrogen peroxide with long-lasting activity.

In relation to this, Belinka Perkemija organized an expert meeting Belinka Open: “APPLIED SCIENCES WITH SYNERGY”, where lecturers from faculties, various institutions and companies shared their knowledge.



Mr. Ivan Grčar, Product Manager, Head of Technology and Development at Belinka Perkemija, commented on cooperation with research institutions:

“With the knowledge synergy from various technical faculties and institutes, we will achieve our development goals in the industry much faster. Especially interesting is the field of production and usage, as well as the development of new hydrogen peroxide formulations (H2O2) with a higher added value.”

Mr. Franci Stele, director of Belinka Perkemija, was satisfied with the expert meeting and the lectures:

“The field of peroxide chemistry has a bright future, so we try to be innovative and daring on a daily basis. We successfully cooperate with external research institutions who help us a lot. At the Belinka Open meeting, we built even deeper connections and defined the direction of further hydrogen peroxide development and the expansion of its usage in new areas. I would like to thank all the lecturers and participants for making this event diverse and effective.”

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