Belinka Perkemija, d.o.o., a member of the HELIOS, was presented with the FDI Award Slovenia 2020, which the government of the Republic of Slovenia awards as a recognition of exceptional contributions from foreign investors to the Slovenian business environment. The company received the award in the “green” category for their contribution to the preservation of nature and a clean environment. The award ceremony, with which public agency SPIRIT Slovenia traditionally honours foreign owners, Slovenian employees, as well as their suppliers and customers, took place on Wednesday, 16 December 2020, and was organized as a special virtual event given this years’ exceptional situation.

The FDI Award Slovenia 2020 was given to Franci Stele, Managing Director of Belinka Perkemija, d. o. o. All photos: Matjaž Očko

Belinka Perkemija, d.o.o. has proved that the company has successfully stepped on a path of reorganizing their operations in the direction of preserving nature and a clean environment. With this reward, the special commission recognized a number of green measures that the company introduced with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint and improving standards in the field of green chemistry in Slovenia.

The company is developing different methods to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are formed as a by-product of production. Most CO2 is captured and liquefied. In addition, the company is working with partners to develop ways to incorporate CO2 into new green products and exploring opportunities to produce green hydrogen. The company is continuously improving their energy efficiency and is strongly dedicated to the introduction of e-business. An extensive black pine grove was planted along the border of the industrial facility last year, with the aim of contributing to a healthier and more pleasant environment.

Mr. Franci Stele, Managing Director of Belinka Perkemija:

Environmental focus and the highest standards have always been the guiding principles of our company when developing new products, as well during our day-to-day operations. We are proud to be able to offer environmentally friendly chemical products to our customers coming from variety of industries. The award is a confirmation of our good work and the successful investments of our foreign owners. Belgian manufacturer of peroxide compounds, Solvay, recognized the advantages of Belinka Perkemija as early as in the 1970s, and introduced innovative technologies into the company. Belinka Perkemija is also an important member of the HELIOS, a producer of coatings and chemicals which represents the European center of excellence of the Japanese group KANSAI PAINT since 2017. The success of both owners is based on constant innovation and respect for all stakeholders in the environment, which is also evident from the company’s business culture.”

Mr. Hitoshi Nishibayashi, CEO of HELIOS:

At HELIOS we strive to act responsible towards nature and the climate along our entire value chain. As part of the initiative “We turn it green”, from this year onwards, we are addressing climate change with a business model which will reduce our impact on the environment. We are pleased that Belinka Perkemija, as an important member of the HELIOS and part of the KANSAI PAINT Group, has been recognized on the Slovenian market as a green company that takes tangible measures to show its commitment towards nature and the wider environment.”

Watch the FDI Award Slovenia 2020 announcement video here: