The company Chromos boje i lakovi d.d. from Zagreb offers everything necessary for the protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces of buildings in its range of products for the construction industry, from mortars, adhesives, impregnations, levelling compounds, paints and lacquers to thin layer final protection in the form of decorative plasters. Taking into account the specific characteristics of individual surfaces and loads, Chromos offers protection systems that have proved trustworthy following several decades of use. Based on many years of tradition and experience, two sanation systems, intended for professional users, for the repairing of loaded constructions and plasters, have been added to the range. Both sanation systems have been added to the programme of products for the systemic restoration and protection of mineral surfaces, forming a comprehensive offer from the renovation to the final protection of any building.

Fasadex RENO – system for renovation of facades

Fasadex RENO is a novelty intended for sanation of buildings with damaged facade surfaces, which due to the damage or a lack of hydroisolation, are exposed to rising damp.  Rising damp transfers salt from the soil into the walls, which over time penetrates into the plaster and through crystallization causes an increase in volume of the plaster and its disintegration.  As salts are highly hygroscopic, they react with moisture in the air, causing salt and damp to spread in walls. This can be avoided with the use of the Fasadex RENO sanation system, with which the durability and resistance of the renovated surface to the action of salt in the plaster can be achieved.   Furthermore, the top paint layers on the sanation system must be vapor-permeable (lime, silicate, silicone). The use of the sanation system also establishes a temperature and diffusion balance in the wall.

The Fasadex RENO system consists of three products that provide comprehensive protection against rising damp and salt in the walls and a remarkable decorative effect:

  • Fasadex RENO 310 renovation precoat– adhesion layer between the damp and saline surface and Fasadex RENO 320 renovation plaster
  • Fasadex RENO 320 renovation basecoat – lime-cement renovation plaster with a high content of air pores, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, basement walls and ceilings.
  • Fasadex RENO 330 fine renovation plaster – fine cement-based renovation plaster with high quality mineral additives

For the final decorative-protective coating, we recommend the use of facade paints, distinguished by high vapor permeability and water-repellency: FASADEX silicate paint, FASADEX silicone paint and SPEKTRA silicone facade paint. They are available in many color shades, based on UV and weather-resistant inorganic pigments.

EXPERTAN – sanation system for concrete constructions

Sanation system for concrete constructions is intended for the structural reparation treatment of damaged concrete surfaces on bridges, overpasses, old buildings… The system consists of three products, which are used for the filling and surface levelling of walls, floors and ceilings, and are applied manually or mechanically:

  • EXPERTAN RM 01 – mortar for anticorrosion protection of the armature which acts as an adhesion layer between old concrete and structural mortar EXPERTAN RM 02. It is distinguished by excellent adhesion to concrete and iron, and impermeability to water and chlorides
  • EXPERTAN RM 02 – structural mortar for damaged concrete on buildings, bridges… It provides structural reinforcement – increases the load capacity of the concrete structure, replaces carbonated concrete and thus restores the passivation of the reinforcement bar.
  • EXPERTAN RM 03 – high sulphate-resistant mortar for repairing minor defects on concrete, levelling and closing cracks, thus maintaining the passivation of the concrete and protecting the rebar, as well as for the fine processing of repaired concrete surfaces.

It is necessary to further protect renovated concrete surfaces in order to achieve long-term durability against ingress of water, acidic ions and CO2. We therefore recommend the application of thin layer final coatings for the protection of concrete surfaces, such as SPEKTRA acrylic paint for concrete or FASADEX paint for concrete.