Helios Group is proud to announce that our Chromos products and expertise from trained team of Helios Croatia took a major part in the successful renovation of the interior and external appearance of three renowned hotels along the Opatija Riviera, which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia.

Thanks to the products  Chromos Fasadex, Poliflor and Chromoden systems the profusely decorated walls, high ceilings, antique furniture and spacious rooms are retained today as the main features of the Hotel Kvarner, Ambassador and complex Palace Bellevue Hotel.

Facades of Palace Bellevue hotels in Opatija, Croatia.

The facades

The exterior appearance of the hotel is one of the key elements that contributes to the overall experience of the guests. It also has an important functional component, as protects the stability of buildings and achieves substantial cost savings related to maintenance of optimum temperature of interior space. The biggest challenge for designers and contractors during the renovation was to retain the original style attributes by which these hotels are well known. We achieved that with our different Chromos Fasadex systems given the special requirements each hotel had.

Hotels Palace and Bellevue, which are situated next to each other, are a good example of different requirements when it comes to the renovation of two buildings that are exposed to the same atmospheric conditions. The Palace hotel that was built in the style of neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau was renovated using our facade system to repair existing damage and to retain the authenticity. The hotel Bellevue facade required vintage match of shades and textures. Renovation of the exterior was completed with the use of products Chromos Luxal in lighter shades to simultaneously protect windows and balcony doors.

The Hotel Ambassador represents a counterbalance to historic hotels with its modern architecture. During it’s renovation it was necessary to strengthen the existing concrete base and provide excellent absorbency and thus create the basis for further work. Our products gave the hotel realistic look and returned it a former glow.


Hotel rooms are exposed to high volume of guests and consequently, abrasives and detergents to maintain the high hygienic standards. That is why coating systems for walls and floors had to fulfill quality requirements together with the ability to adapt to original shades, its durability and resistance to damage.

During renovation of wooden floors in the monument-protected Hotel Palace, the big challenge was a visible transition between the old and the new flooring where it was necessary to merge added section. In order to achieve this, we used Chromos Chromoden system, which enables that parquet lacquer, can withstand high loads without visible damage and is resistant to abrasives and cleaning products. We would like to point out that with our Chromoden system we managed to achieve an excellent match between the conservator requirements and daily operations of the hotel.

With the application of our products in the Crystal Ballroom of Hotel Kvarner we proved that our premium products are one of the best in the market, since this well-known hall is the venue of the most prestigious and exclusive domestic and international events in Croatia.

In Helios Group we can be proud that we have our top-quality products indirectly presented in the facilities and events on such a level.