General industrial coatings

machine-industrial-coatingsIn the metal coatings area, we have been successfully cooperating with our buyers also thanks to the effective development and accumulated knowledge for finding solutions in different industries.

Our goal is to guarantee corrosion protection on different metal substrates, while also providing metals with a long-lasting flawless appearance. After having worked in accordance with this motto for almost a century, we have become trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers in different industries.

Solutions for our customers are developed also by taking into consideration the standards, such as the ISO and the ASTM, as well as the internal requirements and standards of individual customers.

The right choice for your needs

New development achievements are widely renowned and have been awarded with numerous prizes, certificates and awards. Two recent recipients of awards were the “HELIOS ONE” group of single-layer coatings and “SUNCOLOR” spectral selection coatings.

High-quality raw materials and an environmentally friendly approach are the common denominators of all coatings available at Helios.

By using top-quality equipment and measurement instruments we predict the formation of corrosion in advance. This is particularly important for the protection of containers, electrical and hydro equipment, and of parts of different types of vehicles.

Where and how to use our paints and coating systems

Our general industry coatings provide solutions for all types of metal surfaces, including iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, for a very wide range of different industries:

  • industrial-coatingsWhite goods: washing machines and dishwashers, cookers and stoves, drying and ironing machines, and different component parts.
  • Heating systems: stoves, collectors, heat pumps, boilers, radiators, heating panels, piping.
  • Electrical distribution equipment: transformers, generators, turbines, collectors and network structures.
  • Construction: metal paneling, tools, roofing, partitions, joinery, ventilation devices.
  • Electrical industry: housing for engines, starters, hand-held appliances, cabinets.
  • Metal industry: production of machines and devices, fencing elements, metal furniture, safes and cash-registers.
  • Automotive industry: hooks, axles, chassis, rims, seats, springs, bumpers, engine casings and protection of screwing elements, hydraulic and pneumatic components, trailers, special equipment for vehicles.
  • Casting: covers, valves, fittings, hydrants.
  • Steel production: protective varnishes and light covers, pipe protection


The coatings allow different kinds of applications. They can be applied manually or automatically, whereas application can be done by spraying, immersion or flow coating.

General industry coatings for metal are produced in six countries, in Austria, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Please check out our map to locate and contact the nearest company.

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