Architectural coatings

At KANSAI HELIOS, we cannot imagine a world without paints and colours. That is why we want to enable everyone to arrange their world as they like it, with lively colours that bring joy and artistic inspiration. Our wide range of products offer great system solutions for professionals, but also products which perfectly suit “do it yourself” customers.

Day by day we try to adapt our products to your wishes and to surprise you with great characteristics like handy application, highest protection and beauty of final look. That is why we are committed to continuous technological upgrades for high quality of decoration and protection. We have also been proving our care for the environment by introducing ranges of new, environmentally friendly products and by collaborating in local communities’ ecological projects.

Fantasy without limits

The modern mixing system complete the missing spectrum of colour shades in the ready-made colour mixtures. The complete range of the system comprises several thousand colour shades, and the majority of top coatings of our trademarks are available in shops with suitable equipment and computer technology. Beside your selection of colours it is also important how different colours in the room interact with and complete one another. That is what you can check with our colour charts and the experts in local design studios inside well-equipped stores.


Coatings for wood, metal and plastic surfaces

For the decoration and protection of wood, you can choose from three basic coating types – woodstains or transparent coatings, enamels, and lacquers. By developing new and improved agents and following world trends in the field of coatings our top coatings decorate, protect and enhance the appearance of wood. Lacquers come as the final phase in the system of decoration and protection of wood surfaces, especially our parquet lacquers preserve the natural beauty of wood with minimal maintenance.

Painting metal objects not only gives them protection, but also charm and warmth, diversity and attractive appearance. Metals have a limited life span and their biggest enemies are water and air. It is therefore necessary to adequately protect them before the application of the top coating, in order to prevent rust and decay. We offer enamels for metal, top coatings or enamels which not only protect the surface, but also add the colour and gloss.

Plastic materials (hard PVC) in exterior need special treatment, especially when they are being exposed to atmosphere influences. UV protection coatings are the best solution for achieving long-term protection.


Wall and construction solutions

KANSAI HELIOS also offers everything for the purpose of decoration and protection of wall and ceiling surfaces of different compositions. You can find everything from impregnations, levelling compounds and interior wall paints to decorative multi-colour coatings, paints for special purposes, biocide agents, facade paints, plasters and paints for concrete.

Flooring solutions

Flooring-solutions1There are no limits to the creativity and in KANSAI HELIOS we want to show that also with our flooring solutions.

Wood flooring – modern tradition

Wood as nature’s finest solution, tested for thousands of years, proved its numerous technical and environmental benefits. So our wood flooring solutions follow the same philosophy.

Our wide range of products for wood flooring is what make us distinctive and help us adapt to your every desire regardless of other factors. Premium quality and expertness that is immersed in development our flooring solutions, at the same time provides your flooring protection that lasts, but also the beauty of colouring aligned with the nature of the material and the nature around us.

Floor expert – floor as a unique artwork

Even when high demands are placed on the optical and decorative quality of the floor surface, we want to offer you ability to have diverse, artistically unique, decorative floors. Design and function, combined, is what makes this solution so versatile.

Based on resin, it is convincing for private real estate application, due to its modern design and the comfortable walking experience, but also because of its particularly low-maintenance. As well, in the commercial sector, due to its supreme durability and economic efficiency it has already been proven on millions of square meters.

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HELIOS Tinting

HELIOS TINTING is the department in KANSAI HELIOS taking care of pigment pastes and tinting technology for our coatings. Our colleagues who are well-trained in the colouristics and service area, offer support to customers on different markets. Collaboration with other departments and continuous contact with customers in the field give us feedback that we can use to quickly adapt to the dynamic market needs.

Colouristics products or pigment pastes are the result of our own development and know how. Different types of water-based and solvent-based pastes are used for architectural coatings or industrial coatings. Each pigment paste system is equipped with a list of formulations for different colour charts and shades, based on our customers’ wishes.

Our tinting laboratory is equipped with different instruments, spectrophotometers, light chambers and the relative software in accordance with the latest colour matrix standards. Should you need advice about the mixing equipment (dispensers, shakers and gyroscopic mixers), there is our team of skilled service personnel which was trained by renowned equipment producers. With our own tinting program we follow the trends and cover all areas required for a comprehensive tinting approach.

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