One of the most modern, fully digitalized coating lines in Italy relies on HELIOS’ competence in the field of industrial coating solutions. Zanardo S.p.A., the Italian producer of metal carpentry for electrical systems and industrial automation, developed a state-of-the-art coating line using the innovative and environmentally friendly e-coat technologies and powder coatings produced by Helios Coatings Italia that serves as their system supplier. A success story of exceptional cooperation, high-quality coating solutions and increased productivity in the coating process.

Low-yellowing and eco-friendly for a premium finish – the perfect match of e-coat and powder.

A major production part of Zanardo undergoes a cataphoresis treatment at the new and completely automatic line, while some parts of the cabinets are also powder coated. A perfect match of colour shade, gloss and other important paint characteristics needs to be guaranteed for the premium finish of the end products.

As a system supplier and expert for industrial coatings, HELIOS is aware of these requirements and was therefore able to provide Zanardo with its high-quality powder coatings and e-coat solutions. Due to its excellent characteristics and advantages, our customer decided for the innovative Elecron LB 280 e-coat, instead of using a conventional acrylic coating system.

Elecron LB 280, developed by KANSAI PAINT, is a water-based 2-component epoxy coating system, especially developed for the ACE market as well as the automotive and transport sectors. This e-coat boasts low-yellowing characteristics after the annealing of the powder finished surface.

Due to its very low solvent content (less than 1.5%) it is one of the most environmentally friendly coatings on the current e-coat market. The low curing temperature enables remarkable energy savings. Excellent corrosion protection, perfect surface coverage with exceptional visual appearance and high colour stability complete the high-quality coating package of Elecron. Consequently, it is the best choice for manufacturers who want to achieve the perfect finish in combination with liquid or powder coating systems.

At the coating line at Zanardo, HELIOS epoxy-polyester river texture powder with low film thickness is used for the finish. The product from our Ecopolifix™ range belongs to our fast-curing series of products that are U.L. approved and tested for atmospheric corrosion protection of steel enclosures of electrical equipment.


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