The latest R&D trends in car refinish prioritize sustainability as one of the most important development drivers; this is also mirrored at Helios Refinish. The new generation of Mobihel products is a winning combination for enhanced workshop productivity and energy savings.

Multi-layered modern car refinish paint system

A modern car refinish paint system consists of primer–filler/basecoat/clearcoat, offering waterborne or solvent borne technology. The biggest challenge for car refinish paint producers is to reduce drying time of fillers and clearcoats. Fillers must dry quickly to enable the process of sanding instantly after application and overcoating with the basecoat afterwards. Clearcoat must be ready to polish immediately after a short time drying and cooling down.

Raw materials producers offer various efficient solutions

The raw materials producers, especially in the resins segment, provide various solutions. Among new materials are very reactive polyacrylate binders and poly-aspartic binders. Polyacrylate binders enable faster curing or lowering the curing temperatures, while poly-aspartic binders eliminate the need for elevated temperature curing or shorten drying time at higher curing temperatures. Polyacrylates in normal conditions increase productivity by 20% and reduce energy consumption by 50%, while poly-aspartics perform even better.

Helios Refinish introduces a new generation of products

The Helios Refinish R&D department successfully follows industry trends. In 2019, we launched the first two products of the new generation of highly productive and energy efficient clearcoats and fillers compliant with European VOC legislation, MOBIHEL 2:1 HS CLEARCOAT FastDry and MOBIHEL HS FILLER AirDry. In 2020 the additional clearcoat MOBIHEL 2:1 HS CLEARCOAT AirDry joined the product family.

Fast dry clearcoats for perfect end results

Our clearcoats excel in drying regime flexibility depending on the workshop equipment and conditions. Importantly, we did not compromise the quality of polishing or the drying time regime. Thus, the final appearance remains perfect.

Drying times under different temperature conditions

  FastDry CC         AirDry CC New development
Super-fast   15 min / 60 °C    5 min / 60 °C  5 min / 60 °C
Fast   30 min / 40 °C  15 min / 40 °C 10 min / 40 °C
Energy efficient 120 min / 20 °C  60 min / 20 °C 40 min / 20 °C

New fillers for a four times faster drying process

MOBIHEL HS FILLER AirDry is ready for sanding in approximately 20-30 minutes when following the room temperature criteria. The drying process is four times faster than with other conventional air-drying fillers. Different drying regimes can be achieved by choosing individual hardeners and thinners depending on the size of the painted car part and workshop conditions.  After the drying and sanding process, the filler ensures a very smooth and flat surface for the excellent basecoat/clearcoat optical features.

Advantages of the fast curing coating system

The new generation of filler/basecoat/clearcoat are a winning combination for enhanced workshop productivity and energy savings. The system also meets high quality standards and long-term durability. A car bonnet can be repainted in less than two hours, including preparation, sanding, application, flash off and drying.

Time efficient Mobihel System

Time needed for the complete repaint of a personal car bonnet with the super productive MOBIHEL System.