What have been the most important changes in customer demands for protective coatings in recent years?

Dietmar Jost, Chief Officer for industrial Coatings HELIOS:

“Main factors affecting customer demands in the segment of protective coatings are optimisation of application processes, top quality and lower costs. In other words, coatings should last longer but allow faster workability and faster return to service.”

What technical developments in protective coatings do you expect for the next five years?

Karla Rončević, Executive Director R&D Coatings HELIOS, is pointing out:

Growing awareness about the importance of reduced environmental footprint supported by changes in environmental legislation is one of the main drivers of innovation in the coatings industry. Even though water-borne protective coatings have been constantly improved and are performing well in certain applications, they still do not perform well in severe environments.”


Please find the full article that was recently published in Expert Voices of European Coatings Journal, issue 07/08/2019 attached here.