First coating line for agricultural trailers with cutting edge e-coat and powder coating system

Quality, flexibility and efficiency along the line

Environmentally friendly and efficient coatings are on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Especially products permanently exposed to extreme conditions require a top coating quality with excellent corrosion protection. The Austrian company Brantner, a pioneer of the industry, uses state-of-the-art e-coat and powder coating technologies to protect its vehicles. In cooperation with KANSAI HELIOS as coating system supplier, a modern surface technology plant was installed directly on the Brantner site. With this modernisation, Brantner enhances its product quality further and, at the same time, adopts an environmentally friendly process technology. The plant is also designed to provide toll coating services. Let us take a look behind the scenes of a cutting-edge surface technology plant and the perfectly adjusted coating systems.

Take a look behind the scenes of this cutting-edge surface technology plant in our latest movie:

Pretreatment and coating perfectly aligned

The modern surface technology plant was designed specifically for e-coating and powder coating applications and aligned with surface pretreatment. Our coating specialists and industrial engineers cooperated closely to develop the best solution for Brantner.

The individual steps are coordinated to ensure that the process runs as fast and as efficient as possible. After spray or dip degreasing, the pickling or grit blasting surface pretreatment can be flexibly adjusted which is then followed by wet chemical cleaning. Before the coating is applied, a tri-cationic zinc phosphatisation is carried out by immersion. Then, a waterborne 2K epoxy anti-corrosion primer is applied for the e-coat. This is the first organic coat on Brantner production parts. When the e-coat is cured, the parts move on into the powder booth.

This process is cost-effective and meets the highest industry standards in the field of corrosion protection because of the optimum combination of e-coating and powder coating.

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