Giving back to society

Throughout its history, KANSAI HELIOS has been closely cooperating with local communities. Our responsibility towards society is demonstrated through projects that encourage children’s education and creativity. We put special emphasis on projects associated with cultural heritage preservation, and we also actively promote sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Rainbow of Smiles

We closely monitor our environment and any events, and strive to act in a socially responsible manner wherever our support is needed the most. Through our initiative Rainbow of smiles, which is mainly focused on children, we support schools, kindergartens, sports and creative projects, and lend a hand whenever support is needed.

Cultural heritage preservation

We are aware of the importance of preserving tradition in the local environment, which is why we support projects associated with cultural heritage preservation.

Sports and associated values

We support programs and organizations that promote sports and healthy, active living. We are contributing to the development of sports culture in Slovenia through our partnership with the Basketball Club Helios Suns. The growth of the first team with constant development of the youth drive and basketball school with over 600 children, are achievements we are most proud of.

Inclusive business

We provide a working environment that removes barriers and creates opportunities for employees with disabilities. Through mentoring programs and practical trainings, we share our knowledge with students.