Kansai Paint is currently one of the ten biggest players in the global coatings industry and it intends to eventually take the first place also with the Helios Group under its wing.

 “The coatings industry is highly consolidated and mature, especially in the European market. So if the company in that industry wants to enter the market decisively it is easier and more efficient to do it through a long-term player in the coating business. Helios already has its position on the market, established sales network and trusted brand names in the industry. We have a strong position in coatings segments like coatings for industry, refinish coatings and decorative coatings,”

stressed David Kubala and Hubert Culik, CEO’s of Helios Group.

You can find out more about this »Top Industry Move« in the European Coatings Journal. To read the full article Japanese heavyweighter expands in Europe click HERE.