Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), that is majorly affecting the entire health system as well the global economy, HELIOS has offered help to several organizations in the local environment. The companies Helios TBLUS, Belinka Perkemija, Belinka Belles, Helios Kemostik and HgTrade donated disinfectants to those whose efforts are crucial for curbing the spread of the coronavirus in Slovenia.

In the past weeks, HELIOS’s companies donated more than 1,200 liters of HELIOS disinfectant for hands and surfaces in convenient half-liter packaging to schools, kindergartens, health centres, nursing homes and other institutions. Disinfectants were handed over by the directors of individual companies to the commanders of the municipal headquarters of the Civil Protection in Domžale, Medvode and Kamnik. The disinfectant was also provided to the members of volunteer fire brigades PGD Podgorica-Šentjakob and PGD Nadgorica, who are important members of the communities helping many institutions within their local environment.

David Kubala, CEO of HELIOS, at the handover of the HELIOS disinfectant to the representatives of the Civil Protection Domžale, led by commander Marko Žagar.

Furthermore, the company Belinka Perkemija donated 10,000 liters of Belox HP6 disinfectant to the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. The disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide will be used for disinfection of containers and tents serving as entry points for the patients with suspected coronavirus infection within the Slovenian healthcare network. Belinka Perkemija is one of the few European producers of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical, which in proper concentration, serves as an effective agent for disinfection of surfaces and prevention of the coronavirus spread. HELIOS has donated such disinfectant also to many business partners, fire brigades and local headquarters of the Civil Protection.

Franci Stele, Managing Director of Belinka Perkemija, together with his colleagues handed over the disinfectant Belox HP6 to dr. Zvone Čadež, representative of Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

David Kubala, CEO of HELIOS:

At HELIOS, we are aware that our activities represent an important framework for the development of the local environment in which we operate. We are proud that we were able to help many organizations from our local area as well our business partners by donating different types of disinfectant. We always strive to help wherever our help is needed the most. Thus, we also donated protective masks to healthcare professionals and computer equipment to students currently schooling from home. Health and safety have become top priorities at HELIOS during the past weeks. We consistently implement all measures and recommendations appointed by state institutions and encourage employees in various ways to take preventive actions at work as well as in their free time. Due to the lack of protective equipment and disinfectants, we provided our employees with disinfectants and protective masks for the personal use at home as well.”

Franci Stele, Managing Director of Belinka Perkemija:

“As a company operating in the chemical industry, we recognize our greater responsibility in the current situation to act in a socially responsible manner. As one of the few producers of hydrogen peroxide in Europe we are proud that we can offer a locally produced disinfectant that is effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide is an environmentally friendly chemical, as it does not produce any side reactions, and decomposes solely into oxygen and water. By donating a disinfectant to the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, we have thus supported the activities of our health workers, volunteers and state institutions who are selflessly trying to curb the spread of coronavirus within the Slovenian healthcare network.”

Mateja Zore, Managing Director of Helios Kemostik, at the handover of the HELIOS disinfectant to Matej Slapar, the mayor of the municipality of Kamnik, and Matjaž Srš, the commander of Civil Protection Kamnik.
Roman Pirnat, Managing Director of Helios TBLUS, handed over the HELIOS disinfectant to the commander of Civil Protection Medvode, Franci Jarc.