Helios greets from the air

During the Second World War, more than 260 military planes crashed on the territory of Slovenia. In 2019, a very demanding archaeological excavation of one of them took place near Ljubljana. These are the remains of the iconic British Supermarine Spitfire Fighter F Mk IX from the 73rd group of the Royal Air Force, which was shot down during the attack on Ljubljana airport on September 18, 1944. The remains of the excavated aircraft have already been successfully moved to the Park of Military History Pivka, in addition, the monograph “Steel Greetings from the Air” was published on this topic, which fully covers all the findings of experts from various fields, and thus represents the first research of this kind in Slovenia.

In several areas of the project the main support was provided by HELIOS. When the remains of the plane were transported from Ljubljana to the Park of Military History, experts from the segment of industrial metal coatings performed an analysis of the coatings from the remains of a military plane. An entire chapter on the topic of analysis of coatings and protection of aircraft remains is written in the monograph “Steel Greetings from the Air”, signed by the head of development for commercial transportation at HELIOS, asis. dr. Miha Steinbücher.

From the remains of the plane, a very special project was created in the Park of Military History – a flight simulator, which will be available for all aviation enthusiasts to try it out. It is an almost complete replica of the cabin, instruments, and controls from the original. Virtual reality glasses  take you into the wonderful world of flying. HELIOS also has special merits in this area. Experts for industrial metal coatings have developed the appropriate shades of our standard REZISTOL 2K PUR product and donated the appropriate amount of material, so the simulator, which is currently the most attractive piece in the museum, is protected with HELIOS coatings.

Park of Military History Pivka is the biggest museum complex in Slovenia and is also becoming one of the most visited. It offers a unique insight into national and world military history. It has been successfully cooperating with HELIOS for many years. One of the most recognizable projects of successful cooperation was the renovation and renewed protection of the steam locomotive and wagons from the period of the Second World War