Helios Group and Transmashholding d.d. signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin, defining details about the cooperation between the companies, with an emphasis on implementing joint projects.

Cooperation between the companies in the area of joint projects will help increase Helios production in Russia. Both companies have been cooperating successfully for some time, as Helios has been one of Transmashholding’s main suppliers of paints and varnishes for years, and is considered to be a very reliable and stable partner. In addition to signing the Memorandum, the companies also exchanged information on the situation in key markets, on plans for the future and strategies for future development.

Roman Prelovšek, Helios’s Sales Director of Commercial Transportation Coatings, stressed the significance of the signing:

“We are particularly proud of signing the Memorandum of Cooperation as Transmashholding is one of the largest companies in the rail transport industry, with over 3 billion annual sales, and their largest customer is Russian Railways. With this memorandum, we are consolidating our presence in the large Russian market, and our joint projects will be able to reach other countries. The signing means a high level of confidence in Helios products and services, and the intention of a long-term and even closer partnership between the two companies Helios and Transmashholding.”

The InnoTrans fair is a leading international event for transport technologies, and this year it connected 2,900 exhibitors – including Helios – with the slogan “The Future of Mobility.” At this year’s fair, the Helios Group presented its innovative coatings in the area of commercial and railway transport.

From left to right: Goran Cvijović, Director of Helios Russia, Igor Sergejevič Shedrov, General Director TMH for operational and technical activities and David Kubala, CEO of Helios Group.