In this past school year, Helios supported the project of making a wall touch-surface for the blind and partially sighted children at the Centre IRIS and became a godparent of one of the six scenes of the fairytale on the wall. The project represents an innovation on a global level which is the result of local knowledge aimed to help blind and partially sighted children feel the world around them through a fairytale about the wonderful journey of a girl called Ada and her dog Beni.

The wall touch-surface at the Centre IRIS (Centre for Education, Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Counselling for the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a teaching aid which helps blind and partially sighted children discover different images of the world and nature. These children experience their world by touching, hearing, smelling and tasting, and as such their surroundings should be introduced to them through these senses. In cooperation with numerous professionals from the field of graphic and textile technologies, design, music and story-telling, tiflo-pedagogy and art expression, a fairytale in six scenes on the walls of the Centre IRIS came to life.

The wonderful journey of Ada and Beni the Dog

The fairytale about the wonderful journey of a girl called Ada and her dog Beni who set off on a treasure hunt is a thrilling story through which blind and partially sighted children train their senses, perceive sounds, practice echolocation and develop their fingers’ sensibility. It also serves as a teaching aid for learning Braille, the development of fine motor skills, learning about the characteristics of people, animals and objects, and learning the minute, but very important skills for independence, such as getting dressed, fastening buttons, doing up zippers, combing and braiding hair and tying shoe laces. In addition to all this, it also carries a deeper message, namely that treasure is not only material things but rather true friendship and the fact that every one of us can find and catch the rainbow.

Helios Group is proud to support such innovative projects which are the result of cooperation between individuals and which prove that with a little effort we can bring about major changes. We wish that with the wall touch-surface, countless children with visual impairments may enter the wonderful world of Ada and Benny the Dog and get the opportunity to experience and feel the world around them. Since Helios Group is especially passionate about the colours which surround and inspire us, we strive to also colour the worlds of those who are not lucky enough to see it.