The tradition of producing adhesives in the Helios Group dates back to 1960, when today’s most famous rubber adhesive Neostik was born. Continued investment into new and more environmentally friendly types of adhesives has enabled Helios Kemostik to become a major player in the Central and Eastern European adhesive market in recent years. In addition to adhesives, the company also has a program for starches, polishing and grinding pastes, and products in the field of applied chemistry such as Ferrosan and Cinol.

Neostik is the strongest glue

A wealth of knowledge, which underpins the development of a wide range of adhesives for professional users, was also used to develop adhesives for broad use and DIY enthusiasts.  For the contact rubber Neostik adhesive, it has long been known that: Neostik is the strongest glue. True? True!  Neostik, which has been synonymous with powerful quality glue for over 50 years, therefore got new ambassador – Super Neo Hero. Super Neo represents all of our brand’s characteristics: it’s strong, reliable and accessible.

New image of Neostik

Helios Kemostik is pleased to announce a new image of Neostik that will be introduced to Slovenian market in March 2017, followed by markets in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Along with the existing product range, we will introduce new product lines of PU foams, silicon and acryl sealants and fix & seal products. The latter product lines will be at the same time introduced as well in Italian market. Despite the development, Neostik will continue to be recognizable on the shelves by its traditional colors yellow and red, which will stay the same.

We would like to show our customers that with every year, the Neostik brand is all the more strong and robust, but at the same time innovative and in step with the times.

Find out more about Helios Kemostik and our offer of more than 200 types of adhesives at Helios Kemostik website.