HELIOS ONE includes four technologically advanced and ecologically favorable coatings, which fulfill the demands of the European legislation about the lowering of VOC with its low content of diluents. They are appropriate for numerous target segments, from agricultural and construction mechanization, commercial vehicles, containers and machines to the less demanding industrial products and castings. The new formulation eliminates the deficiencies of previous generations of single-layer coatings, particularly the poor covering of edges and other details.

In HELIOS ONE, each single-layer coating is meant for a particular level of corrosion protection in an exact segment of use. It combines top quality coatings for the most demanding customers, but offers them to the larger market in a unique, user-friendly packaging.

The manufacturers who will use HELIOS ONE are thus provided with an easy transition to single-layer painting without a change in the product construction, which facilitates higher productivity and lower costs of paint shops. HELIOS ONE also includes the tools for the calculation of VOC emissions and the carbon footprint of painting as well as the costs of the process; all this with the possibility of a comparison with the current state. Thus, with HELIOS ONE, we offer our customers concrete proof about optimization and enable the training of painters for the work with new materials.

Silver price for innovation

Silver certificate for innovation

The HELIOS ONE innovation was recognized at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce award ceremony in 2015 where HELIOS ONE received silver certificate.
The members of the core development team attended the ceremony. Igor Mlakar, Sales Director for Industrial Metal coatings in Helios, said at the occasion:

“HELIOS ONE is the product of two-years of work and development. The project truly succeeded and is a product of excellent collaboration between the sales, R&D and marketing departments, as well as it is a concrete and integrated answer to the needs of the most demanding markets.”