As part of the Innovation Day on 26 September 2018, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) handed out national awards to the most innovative companies and innovators. There were 197 innovations and 772 innovators competing for the awards, among which also Helios TBLUS with their innovation ‒ “New generation of acrylic binders for two-component polyurethane coatings”. After receiving the Golden Award from the Chamber’s regional central, Helios’s innovation was now presented with the Silver Award.  The Chamber’s award for the best innovations at national level is the highest recognition for innovative achievements of Slovenian companies, and a result of excellent work of the research department of the Helios Group.

The invention was made as part of the research project of the Synthetic Resins research department, with the support of other research departments, including Analytics, Metal Coatings and Car Refinishing Coatings. When upgrading the invention to an innovation, the major of the work was done by the Synthetic Resins and Sales departments. To collaborate with the invention, production and marketing were dr. Martin Ocepek, Peter Mišvelj, Jožefa Zabret, asist. dr. Miha Steinbücher, Tomaž Košir, Roman Pestotnik, dr. Peter Venturini and many others. This invention is now patent-pending. The innovation is related to a group of acrylic binders for the production of the most demanding coatings for the protection and attractive appearance of metals and wood. Compared to other materials on the market, our experts managed to decrease the emission of hazardous organic solvents in binders, created a potential for energy saving and integrated bio-renewable raw materials while preserving the high quality of the binders. To prove the quality of the innovation is also its rapid penetration into the market.

Recipients of the Silver Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at national level.