The Refinish markets had changed dramatically in the last years. This branch has become much more dynamic, so Helios Refinish, one of the strongest segments in Helios Group, had prepared new strategy of activities, including R&D, production and marketing, which would lead to a much faster response to the demands from different markets. This year Helios Refinish introduced the novelties on a regional conference in Zagreb, on 14th April. Over 140 participants from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy had a unique opportunity to be first to learn about this year’s news in Helios Refinish.

The conference was opened by David Kubala, the CEO of Helios Group, who welcomed the participants and wished them a successful future work and cooperation with Helios Refinish. Introductory speech was held by Mr Aleš Ekar, CEO of Helios Croatia, followed by Mr Zvonimir Bezak. They introduced the car refinish segment in Croatia.

Helios Refinish is now established as an umbrella brand for the refinish sector. Under Helios Refinish, we will manage multiple brands, existing as well as new coming with which we want to holistically service our customers and partners with great flexibility and adaptation to different demands. All Helios Refinish products aim to be recognized as best quality products for a fair price and best color matching. The emphasis of presentation was the introduction of new product range S.M.A.R.T. and rebranded Mobihel brand.

A new S.M.A.R.T. product range is very compact and lean and is offering the customers the simplicity of use and high quality at the fair price. Brand Mobihel is completely rebranded. The new signature black & golden design of cans makes Mobihel recognized as a top level brand already on a first glance.

Mobihel brand also recognizes and promotes the indispensable professional work and commitment of the painters (eg. end users). It praises their dedication and passion for the cars. To find out more about Mobihel, you can also visit a new Mobihel web page on