Completely redesigned and improved COLOMIX is already taking over the world of refinish. The refinishers are impressed by its simplicity, affordability and quality that helps them to stay productive and profitable.

COLOMIX mixing system, the rising star

The central piece of the renewed product range is a versatile solvent based Base + Binder mixing system – designed and developed to satisfy different application requirements from markets around the world, as well as different uses when repainting the car, either the interior or exterior.

As a unique concept in the refinish industry the COLOMIX mixing system merges the high quality of the standard base coat refinish systems with the versatility of industrial binder systems. The mixing system offers a rich database of colour formulations and very good colour matching to the existing vehicle car park. Another major advantage of the upgraded brand is the new COLOMIX Colour Universe cabinet that includes 7.500 sprayed color chips of the most used standard colours and variants.

Easy to use and modern mixing software

COLOMIX presents also a new mixing software that is easy to use. With user-friendly interface it provides quick access to desired information, avoiding unnecessary steps and loss of time. It is based on powerful universal search engine and it is continuously updated.

Ready to try it? Visit COLOMIX website to find out more.

With redesigned and improved COLOMIX, Helios Refinish once again proved that “only the best is good enough” when it comes to following our customers’ demands.