The past weekend, company HGtrade organized the already ninth donation campaign for the renovation of parquet surfaces in the four units of the Beltinci kindergarten (Beltinci, Lipovci, Dokležovje and Melinci) in Slovenia. The Helios Group, together with HGtrade and fourteen entrepreneurs, parquet layers from all over Slovenia, provided the wooden floor in the playrooms of the kindergartens with a completely new shine and protection. From now on, the playrooms will thus be even more suitable for children’s activities and games.

Chromoden parquet lacquers, produced in the Helios Group and marketed by Helios’s company HGtrade, are water-based and thus environmentally friendly, and also distinguished by their exceptional resistance to wear and tear. Chromoden lacquers thus give parquet surfaces a beautiful appearance, also in school playrooms and sports halls. The lacquers will now give a new image to 375 m2 parquet surfaces in nine playrooms of the Beltinci kindergarten units.

In the kindergarten they were thrilled about the campaign. On the occasion, principal of the Beltinci kindergarten, Mrs. Martina Vidonja, said:

We are happy that such campaigns still exist nowadays, and that our kindergarten was the one to be chosen this year. The renovation of the parquet is a significant investment for us, so I would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the successful realization of this campaign, on behalf of the children, their parents and the employees. We are going to start the new school year in much nicer and higher quality rooms, more suitable for our youngest ones.”

The Vice Mayor of Beltinci, Mr Roman Činč, welcomed the campaign:

We live in a time when all too many things are being compared from the aspect of financial value. Such donation campaigns, however, contribute to a different view of coexistence, and bring an improvement of the quality of interpersonal relations.The renovation of the floor in the kindergarten is an investment process that should have been made according to the standard procedure, by collecting offers, choosing the most favourable one and then finalizing the realization, however, the joint campaign in the Beltinci kindergarten is an example of how a change can also be made by generously helping one another. We would like to thank Stanko Srša, all the participating parquet layers, and Helios, for having chosen the Beltinci Municipality for the realization of the campaign.

The project’s initiator and organizer Darija Medved, from HGtrade noted:

“We are proud to have led the project for the ninth year in a row and that the playrooms of kindergartens across Slovenia got a new look. The parquet floor layers are happy to lend a hand to kindergartens, despite the high season in summer. The feeling of having done something good and useful for the children serves as an inspiration to us all and motivates us for future work.


To participate in the campaign were companies and entrepreneurs from the local environment and the broader region, all members of the Flooring Section of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. The companies which generously contributed to the project of renovation of floor surfaces with their Chromoden lacquers are ARS Constructa d.o.o. and Srša d.o.o., whereas twelve other sole proprietors offered their help free of charge as well, namely: Andrej Grandovec, Alen Srebočan, Boris Mahne, Drago Kocet, Franc Ribič, Jože Smej, Luka Škulj, Matej Ribič, Miroslav Turšič, Tomas Klep, Tomaž Rjavec and Zlatko Vozlič.