Helios Serbia, one of the leading paints and coatings producers in Serbia is this year celebrating its 65th anniversary. With the history dating back in the year 1953, Helios Serbia today represents significant part of the Helios Group. Under ownership of Kansai Paint, one of the world’s leading paint and coatings producers that is this year celebrating its 100th anniversary, Helios Serbia combines local features and global best practices. The celebration was thus combined with one of the most important events in the European paint industry, Annual CEPE Conference and General Assembly that was meanwhile taking place in Belgrade. As Helios is a significant player in Serbia and the broader region Mr. David Kubala, CEO of Helios Group gave the conference participants insights into the Serbian and former Yugoslavia paint markets.

Helios Srbija a.d. – leading local producer with long tradition

As a leading local producer with a long tradition, Helios Srbija a.d. went through a number of changes that resulted in a constant growth of the company and expansion to other areas and segments. Starting as a stone processing, cube and non-metal producer, the company soon shifted to the production of coatings for facades and interior walls. Under the name Zvezda the company was developing rapidly, following latest technological trends in the production of paints and coatings for end customers, metal and wood industry, powder coatings and road markings. The company took another step forward in 2003 when became a part of the Helios Group.

Today Helios Serbia offers a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users and end customers, such as industrial metal coatings, industrial wood coatings, architecture and decorative coatings, powder coatings, road markings, car refinish coatings and adhesives. With an annual sales volume of around € 28 million and 25.000 tons, the products produced in Serbia can be found in 17 countries worldwide apart from the domestic market. Through the decades of its operation, Helios Srbija a.d. is also tightly collaborating with local communities and make substantial investments in health, safety and environment. Company’s social responsibility efforts are mainly focused on children and projects encourage creativity in sports, music and painting.

Helios Srbija a.d. – ready for the future

Vladimir Simić, director of Helios Srbija a.d.:

“Today we are celebrating 65th anniversary of Helios Srbija a.d. Extensive experience, stable business throughout the years of existence and export orientation, as almost half of the turnover is realized with export on 17 markets, are the main features of Helios Srbija a.d. We offer wide range of coatings for end customers and industry and successfully cooperate with the companies on local market and abroad. All accomplishments would not be possible without our employees, who distinguish by their openness, modesty, patience, willingness to make decisions and take risks. Thanks to them our company has evolved in the past and it will further grow in the future.”

Vladimir Simić, director of Helios Srbija a.d.

Helios and Kansai – joint forces for global recognition

David Kubala, CEO of Helios Group:

With Kansai’s acquisition of Helios on April 1st 2017, the two companies with long history joint forces on European market. For Helios, having a strategic owner such as Kansai Pant means opportunities in many different perspectives. The cooperation is largely based on synergies as well as knowledge exchange and has already brought results in specific areas. The same applies also to company Helios Srbija a.d., which represents an important part of the Helios Group with its very long tradition, knowledge and connections. Helios Srbija a.d. is our cornerstone for markets of Southeastern Europe and Bulgaria that is why we are committed to further develop the company and the market. Besides offering our clients the best products, we also believe in preserving traditional local brands, like Zvezda in Serbia, which represents an added value and makes Helios quite unique. We aim to be recognised as a solution company that provides the best quality of the whole set, know-how, technology, product characteristics, application and customer service.”

David Kubala and Hubert Culik, CEO’s of Helios Group.