Architects and designers nowadays want to offer their customers creative and trendy ideas for their home, which means they must be as innovative as possible. This is where Helios special effects for wood play a major part, offering numerous unusual combinations between different surfaces resulting in unexpected textures, tactile effects and aesthetic performance. One of the very popular wood effects is marble effect, as the faux marble can be found everywhere: in graphic design, packaging, fashion industry, web design, interior decoration and elsewhere.

Find out below how using special techniques and Helios wood coatings enables you to achieve an effect that will make wooden surfaces look just like the real marble. Effect can be achieved in various color shades and on different wooden objects, such as tables, windows sills, chairs, cabinets, doors, bedside tables and others.

HELIODUR coatings are the best choice when high physical–chemical resistance of elements is required. Main advantages are high performance of dry film, rich appearance and possibility of using different application techniques. Due to good technical characteristics and simple application, the use of polyurethane coatings has spread beyond industrial lines e.g. in carpentry workshops.

Application procedure:

  • Spray the wooden element (MDF) where you want the marble effect with the HELIODUR base enamel (in white, black or other shade), which is prepared beforehand in the prescribed ratio with a hardener and a thinner. After 5–6 hours of drying at room temperature (18–22 °C) and relative air humidity 55-65%, we sand the base using P 280 sanding paper.
  • Then follows the second coat of the previously prepared base HELIODUR base enamel, drying for 5–6 hours, but NO SANDING!
  • Continue with spraying the KOMBIHEL S MIX stain in the selected color shade. The stain is thinned by adding the A thinner. We recommend dry spraying in 5–10 g/m2, with nozzle of 1,2–1,5 mm. Dry 3–5 minutes at room temperature.
  • Use a wet cloth to make the marble effect. Wet the cloth with thinner A. When the stain is dried (approx. 5 minutes), we fix it using the colorless HELIODUR lacquer. The lacquer is prepared according to the technical instructions.
  • The element is dry to touch after 30 minutes – for manipulation after two hours, suitable for usage after 24 hours.

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