Helios TBLUS Innovation Receives Silver National Award

Helios TBLUS, a member of KANSAI HELIOS Group, competed alongside 44 Slovenian innovations for national recognition, which the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia has been presenting for 20 years. We are proud to announce Helios TBLUS has received a silver national award for the innovation “Sustainable materials for the coatings of the future”.

Sustainable materials for coatings of the future represent a new generation of binders in the coatings industry. A group of innovative products developed by Helios Resins, a business unit of Helios TBLUS, has significantly decarbonized the final coating while optimizing the production process by recovering one of the waste by-products for further use as secondary raw material.

Helios TBLUS is also the first in Slovenia to be ISCC Plus certified, which further reduces the carbon footprint of their products. This innovation has enabled the company to successfully sell high-value-added products in the most demanding markets in Scandinavia and Western Europe.

The award-winning innovation is the result of close collaboration between experts from different departments within the company. For many years, they have been successfully cooperating also with several external partners and are members of various consortia of research and development projects. Professionalism, successful communication, and well-equipped laboratories are the company’s main advantages in establishing cooperation with development institutes and universities.

Helios TBLUS boasts many activities in the field of “green” business with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint. They are continuously investing in development and innovative projects in all segments, with emphasis on the use of bio-based raw materials, the reduction of production waste, the use of recycled materials, and the use of energy generated from their own solar power plants and renewable sources. The company is also carefully planning to continue the automation and digitization of production to ensure a successful and sustainable business.

Silver National Award for "Sustainable materials for the coatings of the future"