Last Thursday, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) of the Osrednjeslovenska region presented awards for the best innovations at the regional level. Innovation by Helios TBLUS, Paper coating for dye sublimation printing was awarded a bronze award.

The team of innovators from the Helios Resins segment, in collaboration with the company Kaspar Papir and Paper mill Goričane, has developed Domemul PA paper coatings, which represent an environmentally friendly product novelty in the field of digital dye sublimation printing. Paper coatings based on functional polymers allow a more precise transfer of dye from paper to polyester fabrics, compared to traditional methods. The solution is suitable for use in small-batch as well as large-batch production and offers variety of custom printing options. The innovation excels by a simple application and high quality of the final product. Functionalities are already largely recognized globally by the textile industry, especially in segments such as fashion, design, sportswear, etc.

The award is an important recognition of commitment of Helios TBLUS to develop new products as best answer to the market needs, while following high environmental standards. Combination of knowledge of the experts from the three different companies importantly contributed to a faster and more efficient problem solving during the development process, especially when selecting the input materials and technologies of the synthesis process. The result are coatings free of environmentally harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The latter represent an important contribution in the transformation process of the environmentally burdensome textile industry, into a modern textile industry based on ecological dye sublimation printing.

Please watch our innovation video here.