Besides excellent products and solutions, coatings producers need to offer adequate training and courses to transfer competencies and know-how right to the point of use. This is why at HELIOS, we fully equipped ourselves with modern training facilities, which shows our commitment to providing the best service to a wide range of professionals and industries.

HELIOS’s commitment to customers means that we offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of coatings – from flexibility in production and supply to adequate usage of our materials. We constantly strive to develop breakthrough technologies hand in hand with our clients’ specific needs.  Thanks to our training centres, we have unprecedented abilities to adjust our products to meet our customers’ needs and to see how our products perform in their hands. In Slovenia, at the location of our biggest factory Helios TBLUS, there are 3 training centres covering industrial, refinish and architectural applications.



One of the latest additions to the HELIOS training centres is the renovated training centre for industrial metal and wood coatings. It enables the high-quality presentation of HELIOS coatings to all customers and visitors, distributors, colleagues from other subsidiaries, and it is used also by our in-house R&D department. The new centre consists of a new spraying booth and other necessary application equipment.

Already in 2016, the application area for industrial wood coatings, as well as the laboratory for work with instructors were completely redesigned to enable the testing of various processing systems of interior furniture and exterior joinery. In this way we can already test products in the development phase, and more importantly we can spread our knowledge. In addition to theoretical trainings and practical presentations, we also conduct workshops and exhibit novelties of the processing systems.


The HELIOS Refinish Centre was built in 2013 to combine refinish strengths (R&D, Coloristic, Sales and Customer Service) in one place and to enable quality trainings in a modern equipped body shop. The new products and technologies in Car Refinish require adequate infrastructure and exact application according to TDS, otherwise various problems can occur.

The most important part of the Training Centre is the ground floor, where the modern equipped Bodyshop is located, next to a classroom for theoretical training, a mixing room with all our systems, a preparation place and a spraying booth. This year our classic Bodyshop got a new look, as we remodelled the place into a HELIOS Refinish lounge. The HELIOS Refinish lounge serves as a starting point for all our customers, where they can become familiarised with our products in a relaxed atmosphere through presentation videos and check our systems on the real car parts.

Last year our refinish experts trained more than 1000 painters, colourists, bodyshop managers, distributors and potential clients about surface preparation, painting, colouristic and other refinish competences from a variety of different markets. This shows that our customers recognised the importance of additional activities and the support that comes together with our renowned products.


The renovated training centre for Architectural coatings opened its doors at the end of May 2019. After 15 years in operation and use, the comprehensive renovation of the centre was much needed, as it brings added value to knowledge exchange with our professional users and reinforces our customer support. The improvements include new acquisitions, like the bigger lecture room, a new modern application workshop and new modern ways of material presentation. We will use the training centre to perform different trainings, adapted to specific interested groups of professional users such as paint and plastering professionals. Trainings are currently dedicated to our professional users, distributors, wholesalers and retailers from the countries where we are present with our architectural coatings.