Industrial Coatings Markets

Thanks to a wide range of liquid coatings, powder coatings, E-Coats, gelcoats and adhesives, KANSAI HELIOS Group is a specialist for perfect colour matching between different types of coatings, including gelcoats for composites. Our coatings meet quality requirements for different surfaces, such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel or plastic parts for all industrial sectors.

ACE, Trucks and Trailers

Coatings solutions reducing carbon footprint

Durable coating protection is an imperative for every truck on the road. The tough environment and harsh conditions of ACE equipment require the strongest and most resistant surface protection. KANSAI HELIOS’s coatings target market is vast and diverse – from the simplest agricultural equipment to giant mining trucks as well medium and heavy-duty trucks. KANSAI HELIOS Group offers comprehensive coating solutions for the agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment, trucks and trailers – based on innovative and market leading technologies as well as on proven products that fulfill the high aesthetic, anticorrosion, weathering, chemical and mechanical resistance requirements of the segment. The product range consists of environmentally friendly and process efficient paints that follow the latest trends on the market. Among ultra-high-solid coatings, waterborne coatings and low temperature-cure powder coatings, a solution that deserves special mention is the E-Coat system aimed to satisfy the needs of manufacturers of heavy machines and equipment. The segment’s portfolio is further enhanced with monolayer coating (DTM) solutions, which increase productivity by almost 50% in comparison to standard two-layer systems.

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Designed to protect the whole energy supply chain

Our system solutions have been successfully used on various parts and objects of wind power systems, industrial transformers, high voltage lines and energy storage systems. Compliant to the international standard EN ISO 12944, our protective coatings are equipped with excellent properties to withstand different degrees of stress. Our goal is to guarantee mechanical and chemical resistance, UV resistance, electrical insulation and excellent anti-corrosion protection on different constructions, infrastructure and objects, while ensuring safety in the total energy supply chain – from energy production to energy transmission, transformation and storage. In addition to our environmentally friendly waterborne and high-solid or ultra-high-solid coatings, we are experts for niche products, such as core plate varnishes, zinc flake coating systems and photovoltaic backsheet coatings.

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General Industry

Ultimate protection and finish for end products

Manufacturers from all industrial sectors and branches rely on KANSAI HELIOS’s high-performance coating systems with functional properties in customized colours and gloss degrees for various surfaces. Thanks to our long-term expertise, quality and services in niche markets, we provide manufacturers with optimum protection and a high-quality appearance for their products. We have six production sites across Europe where we produce coating solutions for the general industry for all types of metal surfaces, including steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, while meeting the specific requirements for products in different industries, e.g. containers, sports goods, drums, enclosures, stoves, ceramics, white goods, digital printing and mechanical engineering.

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Infrastructure / Protective

Protection and safety in a variety of sectors

Our protective liquid and powder coatings adhere to the most important values of safety, dependability, and trust. They provide durable corrosion protection to structures, such as electricity pylons, bridges and other infrastructure, steel and hall constructions, underwater steel constructions and industrial plants. Based on the high-quality standards of EN ISO 12944 as well as other international requirements and certifications, they are developed in line with the specific requirements of individual customers. Numerous renowned energy suppliers as well as steel construction and infrastructure companies across the EU rely on our protective systems for their industrial and infrastructure facilities. Alongside the traditional solvent-based protective coatings, KANSAI HELIOS Group offers waterborne or low solvent coatings that are easy to apply and offer great aesthetic appearance.

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Steel Mills

Know-how, quality, and availability

KANSAI HELIOS Group is a reliable and experienced partner in providing innovative solutions for the steel mill industry, being aware of the importance of a continuous coating supply. We provide coil coatings, core plate varnishes, protective coatings, high heat resistant coatings and shop-primers. Our customers benefit from tailor-made solutions, especially in terms of viscosity, low VOC content, colour tone or UV resistance. Our technical experts provide assistance in finding the right product for the specific market. Our Rembrandtin brand is the market leader in the sector of core plate varnishes. Under this brand, we provide water-based and chromium-free varnishes for the electrical insulation of core plates.

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Railway Vehicles

Durable coating solutions meeting the highest demands

Railway vehicles operate in adverse weather conditions and must withstand different mechanical and chemical damage. Our durable and long-lasting coatings enable superb results for the manufacturers of all vehicles that transport either humans or cargo. Our Rembrandtin and wefa railway coating systems were developed, selected, and tailored to meet our customers’ needs, which is attested by approvals of rail operators worldwide and many references. Our industry-leading coatings ensure high-quality protection, various design-options and energy-saving solutions for local and long-distance trains, goods wagons and track-laying machines. They are specially developed for steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel sheet metal, aluminum, colour metals, and a wide range of plastic and polyester laminate for various types of vehicles.

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Auto Parts

Licenced manufacturer for OEM

Decades of experience and great expertise in the production of primers, base coats, monolayers, and clear coats make KANSAI HELIOS Group a reliable partner for the automotive industry. As a licensed manufacturer for OEM, we offer a wide range of coating solutions for all metal parts and accessories. Our solutions are designed for various metal substrates to guarantee the highest corrosion protection, durability, performance, and a great finish. KANSAI HELIOS Group offers fully aligned system solutions, including E-Coat, liquid and powder coating technologies that enable a perfect match in terms of colour tone, durability and gloss degree on every metal surface.

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