Industrial wood coatings

KANSAI HELIOS Industrial wood coatings are designed to ensure high-quality protection while emphasizing the most natural beauty of wood. KANSAI HELIOS wood coatings meet our customers’ demands for supreme reliability and safety. Companies of KANSAI HELIOS Group follow new application technologies and drying of coatings, strict ecologic requirements and latest trends, especially with eco-friendly coatings.


Stains and patinas are the types of wood coatings that highlight the best features of wood. The stains colour wooden surfaces, while the wooden structure remains visible, and improve the appearance. To achieve a special shading effect or to highlight wooden pores, corners and inaccuracies of antique furniture, we offer special effects patinas. An ideal solution to achieve utmost aesthetics and quality protection of wooden furniture and interior joinery are Lacquers and Enamels. Special attention is also given to offering ecologically favorable products that provide a good mechanical and chemical resistance.


Recently the demand for KANSAI HELIOS Bio program has grown a lot. That is mostly due to the fact our bio oils and waxes are bio-degradable and do not seal the timber, but let it breathe.

In addition to that natural vegetable oils and waxes perfectly emphasize the natural colour and the look of wood. An eco-friendly attitude and concern for future generations is more present every day.




Our Aquavita exterior stains systems are designed as a complete set of products for professional wood care for exterior joinery and garden furniture. Aquavita is water-based, UV-resistant and protects and enriches wood, so the treated wooden surfaces remain beautiful and well-protected for many years to come.

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Helios Tinting

Helios TINTING is the department in the KANSAI HELIOS Group taking care of pigment pastes and tinting technology for Helios coatings. Our colleagues who are well-trained in the colouristics and service area offer support to customers on different markets. Collaboration with other departments and continuous contact with customers in the field give us feedback that we can use to quickly adapt to the dynamic market needs.

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