Introducing our first solar power plant

In March 2021, our first solar power plant started operating. The investment will pay off in six and a half years, earlier than in a third of the life of the power plant. This new modern equipment makes an invaluable contribution to our sustainability goals.

The conceptual design of the project was created in 2020, when also all needed renovations to bring this project to life were made. In a short period of 5 months the solar power plant was up and running, which is also a result of good collaboration of HELIOS team with the contractor company Gen-i.

The location of Preska, Medvode in Slovenia where the new solar power plant was set up consumes approximately 6,500,000 kWh annually, which is almost two thousand times as much as the average Slovenian household.

The installed panels are among the most modern and powerful and generate an average of 290,000 kWh of electricity annually. This means that the installed solar power plant is taking care of 8-10% of the needs on site. Our commitment to sustainable development and care for the environment also concerns the rest of electricity consumption. All the energy that comes from the grid to our company comes from renewable sources.

The first solar power plant represents a major step on the path to a sustainable company and a reduction of carbon footprint and is just one of many planned in the future.

Switching on the first solar power plant of HELIOS