Investing in safety: KANSAI HELIOS rebuilds bunker to protect employees and Cherkasy community

KANSAI HELIOS has been operating in Ukraine since 2016 with Kansai Helios UA. Based in Cherkasy, about 200 km south-east of Kiev, the plant specialises in producing high-quality Industrial and Architectural Coatings and employs around 100 dedicated staff members. Despite Cherkasy city being situated at a relatively safe distance from the frontlines of the ongoing conflict, rocket attacks remain a constant threat. Recognising the potential dangers, KANSAI HELIOS has taken preventative measures to protect its employees and the local community.

Ensuring safety in the midst of uncertainty

Originally built in 1979 as a civil defense shelter, KANSAI HELIOS Ukraine’s underground bunker had deteriorated over the years due to periodic flooding and corrosion of its metal elements. Recognising the urgency of the situation, KANSAI HELIOS funded a comprehensive renovation project to transform the bunker into a secure radiation shelter capable of protecting against radioactive contamination and conventional warfare.

At 245 square metres, the renovated bunker can accommodate up to 90 people continuously for two days. It now provides robust protection and meets strict environmental and safety standards. The renovation project aimed to

  • Drain and waterproof: Address groundwater drainage and waterproofing issues to prevent future flooding.
  • Replace corroded metal elements: Replace damaged metal elements, including staircases and hermetic doors.
  • Ensure structural integrity: Reinforced concrete walls, columns and brick partitions have been inspected and confirmed to be structurally sound.

A commitment to the community – a message of hope

While the bunker prioritises the safety of KANSAI HELIOS Ukraine´s employees, it also embodies the company’s social responsibility to the Cherkasy community. In the event of an emergency, the shelter will be freely accessible to anyone in the vicinity who needs protection. By providing this shelter, KANSAI HELIOS Ukraine reinforces its commitment to the well-being of both its employees and the local community.

The renovated shelter symbolises KANSAI HELIOS’ resilience, unity and unwavering commitment to safety and health. We hope that the shelter will never be needed, but its presence provides confidence and a feeling of safety to all employees and neighbours, boosting the motivation and morale of the workforce. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict, KANSAI HELIOS continues to live and work by its values, providing a safe environment and making a positive contribution to communities.