KANSAI HELIOS for a cleaner environment and the development of environmentally friendly technologies

Concern for a cleaner environment is driving responsible behaviour, to help preserve nature and natural resources for future generations. This is also reflected in the increasing use of products that do not impact the environment and are produced using environmentally friendly technologies.

The use of oils and oil-based products is becoming increasingly popular for the protection of wooden surfaces. These products are biodegradable and do not impact the environment, as they contain a high volume of dry matter. In addition, they keep the wood naturally beautiful and protect it from external influences. KANSAI HELIOS boasts a wide range of oils and oil-based products, both among its industrial coatings and consumer coatings. The BELINKA Oils line, from the Belinka brand, offers six oils for various purposes, which are made from natural ingredients, are environmentally friendly, and are not harmful to health.

Water-based coatings are very popular in the field of industrial wood surface treatment. The BELINKA Exterier/Interier, AQUAVITA and HIDROHEL brands offer a complete range of materials for the protection of outdoor and indoor furniture. These coatings provide good mechanical and chemical resistance, low VOC emissions, and quick drying, and are also safe and easy to use.

UV curing technology for coatings is also worth mentioning, which has facilitated reduced VOC content in coatings, a faster curing process, and cost and energy efficiency. KANSAI HELIOS’s UVEHEL and UVEHEL AQUA coatings are included in this area.