KANSAI HELIOS Shines the Spotlight on Compliance and Integrity for November

In a dynamic and ever-changing business environment, KANSAI HELIOS is proud to announce its commitment to fostering a culture of compliance and integrity that goes beyond merely complying with the legal requirements. The group has dedicated the entire month of November as Compliance and Integrity Month to emphasize the significance of these principles. Building upon the success of last year’s initiative, themed Excelling At Doing What Is Right, this year, we continue our dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards with the slogan Do What’s Right.

Compliance and Integrity Month aligns with our group’s Compliance Program for the year, officially introducing our refreshed conduct guidelines. Throughout November, our journey unfolds with a series of engaging activities, thoughtfully designed to empower every employee to actively contribute to our shared goal of making the right decisions.

We are facilitating workshops and training sessions, while fostering discussions to enhance awareness of compliance, integrity, and ethics. By exploring different scenarios, we are picturing the right way forward and examining the contributions of each employee to ensure adherence to the main principles and mandatory standards of our Code of Conduct. The unwavering commitment and guidance from our Group Management Board Members add profound impact to these activities, strengthening our collective dedication to upholding the highest standards of compliance and integrity.

Mr Mitsuru Masunaga, Executive Vice President, Executive Director emphasized:

“At KANSAI HELIOS, we understand that the societies expectations of corporate responsibility are constantly evolving. We are not just aiming to meet these expectations but also to exceed them. We believe that doing the right thing is no longer just an option – it is an imperative for sustainable growth and relevance in the business world.”

This year’s Compliance and Integrity Month also aims to introduce the new Speak Up Policy. In this regard, we encourage our employees that if they see “something that’s wrong” they should “do what’s right” and “Speak Up“. It is vital for our employees to know where to turn if they encounter any issues, and we have provided them with the necessary tools for immediate access to compliance resources and Speak Up channels. Our ultimate goal is to transform our feedback culture into an early warning system for potential company issues. We also aim to establish trust as the cornerstone of our Compliance Program by actively listening to our employees.

At KANSAI HELIOS, we are continually developing ourselves and our colleagues to be more sustainable at everything we do. That is why this Compliance and Integrity Month we invite all our stakeholders, customers, and partners to join us in this journey towards more sustainable future guided by strong ethics and unwavering integrity.