Liquid Coatings

The leading system supplier of industrial coatings

High-quality products, innovation, extensive knowledge, and great customer service make KANSAI HELIOS one of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings in Europe. Thanks to decades of experience, KANSAI HELIOS is a reliable partner and system supplier for all industrial applications, surface pre-treatment, and polymer and resin technologies.

Coating systems with unique advantages

KANSAI HELIOS’s paint formulations and applications are optimally matched within the coating structure – as primers, fillers, base coats or top coats, as well as for single layers. Custom-made coating systems adapted to different applications are where we excel the most. Our high-performance coatings with the widest range of functions are used in all branches and designed to increase the competitiveness of our customers. We are constantly developing our coating systems in compliance with the new regulations (e.g. DIN EN ISO 12944) and increased market requirements, always following new trends.

Environmentally friendly and
process-efficient solutions

We largely focus on waterborne, UV-curing and ultra-high-solid-coatings with functionality. In addition to the lower VOC levels and improved environmental properties, our coating solutions enable our customers to improve their processes in terms of coating durability and overall process optimization.

Custom-made coating systems exceeding our customers’ needs

Close cooperation between R&D, sales and strong technical service teams is key in providing advanced solutions to our customers’ demands. Such custom-made coating systems enable various producers to improve quality, meet stringent ecological demands, increase productivity, or address other specific needs.

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