New Belinka oils for wood we are proud of

Wood has always been one of most often used materials in every household. It is not only naturally beautiful, but also easily accessible, easy to use, long-lasting and is a good insulation material. Wood accompanies us more and more in everyday life and enriches our living space. We are proud of it and like to show if off. Belinka’s experts have been engaged in the protection of wood for over 45 years, by developing new and improved agents to protect and enhance the appearance of wood.

To keep the natural beauty and other characteristics of wood we need to take special care. That is why Belinka developed new product line of Belinka oils, that are made of natural ingredients and developed to protect wood against various weather effects and highlight its beauty and natural color. The treated surface is appealing, pleasant and enjoyable to use; the surface treated with oil is water-repellent. Oils do not form a protective film, therefore, regular care of surfaces coated with oil is essential to maintain the beauty of wood. Belinka oils for wood are not harmful to health and are environmentally friendly.

Belinka oils perfectly represent what Belinka stands for. That’s why the whole product line got a very emotional redesign to emphasize the main advantages and characteristics regarding the purpose of use and strengths of each product.

Belinka is happy to present a new product line of oils for wood, consisting of five products:

  • Belinka oil exterier (for protection and treatment of outdoor wooden surfaces)
  • Belinka oil interier (for end surface treatment and treatment of indoor wooden surfaces)
  • Belinka oil food contact (for protection and treatment of wooden surfaces in contact with food)
  • Belinka oil tung (for protection of wooden elements exposed to different weather conditions and wood surfaces on yachts and other vessels)
  • Belinka oil paraffin (for protection of wooden elements in saunas)

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