Newly certified low temperature PE powder coatings, a big step towards a net zero carbon future

The development of low-temperature cure powder coating technologies is driven by changes in the end-use markets, both existing and new. The growing demand for more sustainable products and processes is a major driver for existing automotive, aerospace, and general industrial applications.

In February 2022, Helios TBLUS obtained the Qualicoat Certificate, Class 1 for the group of low temperature PE powders, smooth, glossy – CPC 24-1. The QUALICOAT quality label is a product certification scheme. QUALICOAT has granted general licenses to national and international associations to issue these certificates and inspect the licensed plants.

CPC 24 is a series of powder coatings based on polyester resin cured with HAA (Primid) capable of curing at lower temperatures (160 °C). It offers very good application and performance characteristics. CPC 24 series of polyester powder coatings is specially developed for exterior applications with combination of excellent weatherfastness, high UV resistance and good mechanical and levelling properties.

These products enable the powder coating industry to not only increase its productivity, but to introduce innovative solutions and improved sustainability items on the market. The CPC 24-1 series are powder coatings which are specially engineered for curing at lower temperatures, consuming less energy, and accelerating production.

The QUALICOAT approvals of the low temperature PE powder coatings are the result of numerous physical and instrumental tests of the Helios TBLUS research team, performed on the samples over the years.

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