Optimization of distillation and wastewater treatment processes

Helios’s ongoing objective is to reduce the amount of waste in all production facilities. Therefore, all recent investments were focused on the modernization of the solvent distillation process and the additional wastewater treatment process.

With the aim to optimize the wastewater treatment process, we selected the German company EnviroChemie, which deals with technologies for industrial wastewater treatment. Based on a pilot test on their device, we decided to introduce a batch oxidation process of wastewater using hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation. The treated wastewater is transported to the Central wastewater treatment plant in Slovenia for biological treatment and then returned to the environment.

The new fully automated oxidation device in Preska is up and running since the end of 2020. Its capacity allows treatment of 5 m3 of wastewater per day. After a one-year operation testing period is over we will be able to establish if the process proved to be economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Further on, in 2020, we introduced the new OFRU ASC500 distillation device for dirty solvents that are formed as a product of various production phases in almost all plants.

These are solvents used to wash equipment such as transport containers, mixing tanks, filters, tools, etc. The quantities of these solvents are large, and the purification and disposal of the generated waste is a time-consuming and expensive process. Compared to the old distillation device, the new batch-based device enables significantly higher efficiency with lower energy consumption and automatic operation.

The project is part of our initiative to reduce waste and carbon footprint and represents one of the major investments in 2020. Since the start of use of the device in September 2020, significant savings in materials, energy and waste have been recorded.

Oxidation device for environmentally friendly and cost-effective processing of reaction waters.