The company Helios Srbija a.d. with the headquarters in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, already has a long tradition of supporting local organizations, especially those who engage in projects that support education and encourage creativity among children. If those projects include also colors and imagination we get the perfect combination that coincides with the world of Helios coatings. That is how the idea of Zvezda-Helios painting workshop for children was born.

Painting Workshop Zvezda-Helios was founded already in 2005 with the idea of donating painting colors to the children, organized in the Workshop in order to develop creativity and popularize the painting culture together with our products. The Workshop operates within the premises of Helios Srbija in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia and usually gathers around 30 pupils who are expressing their creativity under the keen eye of experienced teachers of fine arts.

Until now 9 annual exhibitions in the local art galleries have been carried out. Permanent exhibition of paintings in the premises of Helios Srbija provides also a reflection of media footage and coverage that was gathered over the years. More than 200 paintings every day brings colors and joy to the walls of office buildings.

Decoration of the river quay, by painting the supporting wall.

Besides the promotion and development of painting culture one of the most important aim of the project is to show the children the importance of humanitarian and socially-responsible activities. The Workshop has participated in a number of fundraising events and the paintings have been used as motifs for New Year greeting cards, as well as gifts to the important business partners. Children also showed the support to the community they live in with decoration of the river quay, by painting the supporting wall. Moreover, the paintings were donated to the Children’s Ward of the Hospital in Gornji Milanovac.

In the past month the children from the Workshop attended the contest “Days of Cyrillic 2017” („Dani ćirilice 2017”) in Bavanište, Vojvodina organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in Serbia. Despite the larger number of activities the responsible behind the Workshop still have many new ideas for the future. One of the ongoing projects is the initiative for the cooperation with the Children’s Cultural Center in Belgrade that could bring a lot of new energy into the project and spread the idea of workshop together with the new exhibition place in the capital of Serbia.

Trip of the pupils to the mountain Rudnik, near G.Milanovac, where painting in the nature was organized.