Special requirements of goods wagon coatings

Extreme chemical and mechanical stress and strong environmental impacts put the durability of goods wagons to a harsh test. Regular maintenance checks shall ensure that the vehicles meet all quality, safety, and environmental standards even after many years in service. Rail vehicle designers, such as the Austrian Group Innofreight, are aware of their customers’ high requirements and therefore only use top quality materials and coatings that ensure a long service life of the wagons. Since many years, Innofreight trusts in Rembrandtin railway coatings.

Rembrandtin provides a highly suitable solution for goods wagons and bogies, with its epoxy high solid coatings such as the Ultra HS Epoxy Monolayer. The trend in the coatings sector goes towards high solids  i.e. coatings with a lower solvent content that meet environmental criteria. These types of coatings offer high protection against corrosion together with strong resistance that contributes to a long service life over many years – without recoating. A dry film thickness of up to 250 µm in one processing step can be reached. In addition, the epoxy monolayer meets the requirements of Sheet 42 of Deutsche Bahn and Module 19 of ÖBB – provided that the dry film thickness is the same. The coating is viscoelastic and provides high colour retention – these two properties results in a high-quality durable coating with excellent resistance against stone chip and scratches, properties tailored exactly to the needs of goods transport by rail.

Gerald Petschner, Head of the InnoWaggon development team at Innofreight said:

“The goods wagons sector is unique. The vehicles have to withstand enormous and permanent stress. In regular checks, which e.g. in Austria have to be made once every 6 years, all parts of the wagon are scrutinised. If a wagon has to be recoated after 6 years because the coating did not withstand the strain, our customers are not satisfied. Therefore, only top quality materials are used in the development of our special wagons. From the braking system to the coating – we rely on highest quality to ensure a long-lasting service life and thus keeping our customers’ maintenance costs as low as possible.

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The original publication of this article is available in German language on springerprofessional.de [DOI: 10.1007/s35144-017-0203-2].