What would children who live in a city need? What would improve their quality of life? These were the thoughts of around 100 experts from various fields of expertise at the Vienna Business Agency’s ideas competition Children! Children (Kinder!Kinder!).

Three winners were selected from a total of 92 submissions. The 1st prize went to Sylvia Kostenzer for her idea “Remake Wohnstraße”, which suggested special graphic design of the surface in the residential streets. The eye-catching road marking is intended to signal the drivers that this is a site of something other than traffic and that on this road cars as well as children are welcome. Because of the thick paint application it looks like there is a big carpet on the street.

With the support of ZVÖ (centre for road safety in Austria) it was possible to carry out the pilot project of Sylvia Kostenzer in Vienna. Rembrandtin road markings were used for this very first marking. The material is cold plastic, which is solvent-free and very durable. The material significantly contributes to the road safety while at the same time represents sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

For more Rembrandtin road markings solutions visit the website www.rembrandtin.com.