Along with the technological progress in the electrification, the interest in electric vehicles is expanding significantly. The focus of current developments in the electric and hybrid vehicles market is on thinner steel grades and less dry film thickness of the varnish in order to improve the performance of the electric engine.

At HELIOS we are proud to be frontrunners and key innovators in this segment with our Remisol core plate varnishes from Rembrandtin which increase the efficiency and power of electric engines. Environmentally friendly and chromium-free varnishes with low emissions are water-based, hot curing products developed for the electrical insulation of electrical steel sheets. Their excellent insulating properties reduce eddy current losses during the operation of electrical machines and thus increase their efficiency. They improve punchability in the further processing of the sheets and offer other important properties, such as weldability or annealing resistance.

As the market leader in this sector, we have been supplying well-known electrical sheet producers and generator manufacturers worldwide. Rembrandtin also has a portfolio of bonding and C5 varnishes which are already in use or in the process of homologation for the top car making companies.

Together with our innovations in the field of wind-energy, photovoltaics, and hydro power plants, we are continuously striving to contribute to a sustainable and green future.

For more information about our core plate varnishes please visit Rembrandtin website.