Golden resins

As a special business unit in KANSAI HELIOS Group, Helios Resins produce the highest quality liquid resins for advanced coating and composite manufacturers globally. Today, Helios Resins produces over 60,000 tons of liquid resins annually, including coating resins, composite resins, polyester resins for isolation and polyester polyols for PU flexible foams.

Our coating resin brands − DOMOPOL, DOMACRYL, DOMALKYD, and DOMEMUL – and composite resin brands COLPOLY and  COLGEL – have achieved a strong market position and are trusted for their quality and reliable service. We are resins supplier since 1908 and we serve our customers all over the world.

Quality of service:
Flexibility, High Quality, On-time Delivery

We are committed to provide flexible and reliable service when satisfying your specific requests. Together as partners we can solve all your challenges. Our extensive know-how, tailor-made resins and professional support in development of your applications will meet all your particular needs.

Development by advanced technology

Our R&D and production facilities are fully equipped with the most advanced technology that is used by our best skilled and educated people. R&D holds equipment for polyester and acrylic chemistry, including synthesis under pressure. Helios Resins production lines are upgraded with a new pilot and large-scale reactor, resulting in new types of environmentally-friendly resins and increased production capacities.