Road Markings

Helios Road Marking Materials are a special segment of KANSAI HELIOS Group with decades of experience. We support contractors and applicators all over Europe and are known as a reliable and efficient partner. Our offer is based on the knowledge of a well experienced R&D team who always has its focus on the highest product and quality performance.

Therefore Helios road marking materials meet the requirements for maximum traffic safety, durability, sustainability and efficiency. They can be devided into:

  • one-component acrylic paints,
  • one-component acrylic paints on waterborne resin based,
  • two-component cold plastics,
  • two-component cold spray plastics,
  • two-component epoxy or polyurethane systems
  • as well as drop-on materials like reflective beads and coloured antiskid materials.

In addition to the standard road marking materials, KANSAI HELIOS offers tailor-made solutions for specific customer demands.

Complete range of road marking solutions

As a leading producer in many countries across Europe, we offer the complete range of road marking solutions for each requirement. Customers benefit from our international service and sales network as well as from the short term access to the wide range of high quality road marking materials.

The brands SIGNODUR, SIGNOCRYL, VERONIL, HELIOCRYL and REMO stand for top and premium road marking materials of KANSAI HELIOS Group. The brands are certified according to national European or national standards to meet all necessary requirments regarding traffic safety or environmental issues.

For more information about our road marking products and solutions please visit the Helios Road Markings website or the Rembrandtin website.